Staff at currie

Principal - Mrs Galway

Vice Principal - Mrs W Brown

Secretary - Mrs Ferris

Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage

P1 - Mrs Blair

P2 - Mrs McMullan

Sunshine Room - Mrs W Brown

Key Stage 1

P3 - Mrs Luke and Mrs Law

P4 - Mrs Graham

SLU - Mrs Alexander and Mrs Brown

Key Stage 2

P5 - Miss Stevenson

P6 - Mr King

P7 - Mrs Harper

ISC - Mrs McMahon

SENCO - Mrs Magill


Sunshine Playgroup

Mrs Stewart and Miss Longman


Classroom Assistants

Foundation Stage

Mrs Baglee, Miss Leandro and Miss Campbell

Key Stage 1

Mrs Hill, Miss Stewart and Mrs Taggart

Key Stage 2

Mrs Jellie, Miss McAllister, Miss Clarke and Mr Crawford

Auxiliary Staff 

Mr Murray, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Murray and Ms McKayne

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Thompson, Mrs Murray, Mrs Cochrane, Mrs Trimble and Mrs Stevenson